Michael Nilsson

I am a Swedish software developer that enjoys solving problems with code both professionally and as a hobby. I have a great interest in new technologies and I am driven by building innovative solutions. My strengths lie in web technologies, .NET and computer graphics.

Presenting a selection of projects I am, or have been, working on.


leisure, typescript
Started: 2022

As part of my work at AstraZeneca I was working on a module that interprets schedule configuration which was heavily relying on date math. Forced to use various date calculators with slow user interfaces, I decided to create my own: dayculator.com.


leisure, typescript
Started: 2021

In 2019 I rediscovered my childhood hobby: Chess. As an avid player on Lichess.org and a programmer by profession, I couldn't help myself to try creating my own chess engine michess.


leisure, typescript, electron
Started: 2018

I attempted to create a modern diff and code review tool. The goal was to facilitate code review in trunk based development.


leisure, typescript
Started: 2018

Checkpoints is a Visual Studio Code extension used in between commits for keeping a local short-term history of work in progress, like bookmarks in you undo-stack.

Software engineer at Sectra

job, c#, .NET
Started: 2016

Software engineer building a high quality diagnostic workstation for radiologist (PACS). I work full stack (leaning front-end) with .NET Framework, SQL Server, WPF, Windows Forms.


university, c++, game design, opengl
Started: 2016

A voice controlled puzzle game for large audience in dome environments.


Master's thesis, NASA, C++, opengl, nodejs
Started: 2016

I spent five months at NASA in Washington DC working on a project called OpenSpace which is a collaboration between Linköping University, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and American Museum of Natural History. This project aims to visualize the what we know about the universe using real data provided by NASA.


university, c#, game design
Started: 2016

Freakolution is a 2D/3D hybrid multiplayer game made by me and three team members in Unity3D for a Game Design course at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in singapore

City Generator

university, javascript, webgl
Started: 2016

A web application that generates a procedural city in WebGL.

Box Sorting Robotics

university, javascript, webgl, animation
Started: 2016

For a course called 2D & 3D Animation at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I developed a robot arm simulation that tries to sort boxes based on color while the user disrupts with the mouse pointer.


leisure, javascript, react-native, nodejs
Started: 2015

A social web application for creating and answering micro-polls. This is a pet side-project that I keep coming back to but never finished. Through the years i've attempted to rewrite the front-end 3 (and a half) times, which has allowed me to indulge in many new frameworks and technologies.

MPC Internship

internship, javascript, vfx
Started: 2015

I did an 8 week internship at one of the global leaders in VFX, where I was part of the Production Tools team and developed a web application that can browse and filter the assets that artists create.

Flocking Boids

university, python, VFX
Started: 2015

A Python script for Autodesk Maya that allows for creating flocking animations of boids.

JS Particles

leisure, javascript
Started: 2014

Just a simple 2D particle system, marking my initial interest in JavaScript.

B-spline Editor

university, javascript
Started: 2014

A simple B-spline editor made by me for a 3D Modelling course at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in singapore

Active in Stackoverflow community

leisure, javascript
Started: 2014

I am regularly active on StackOverflow, a poplular Q&A site for professional and enthusiast programmers. From here my 50+ answers and 20+ question has reached over 100 000 people. Most of my answers are related to JavaScript or THREE.js (a JavaScript WebGL library).

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